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Veterans Affairs

As of 3/10/09 at the Willingboro Town Council Meeting, the Willingboro Town Council has authorized the inception of Office of Veterans Affairs.

Mission Statement

As a result of an increase in the number of Veterans living within Burlington and surrounding counties and the prospect of additional Veterans seeking assistance with their entitlement and benefit needs, the Township of Willingboro has reacted aggressively to those needs by establishing an Office of Veterans Affairs under the Department of Community Affairs.

The Willingoboro Office of Veterans Affairs will deal directly with the needs of all veterans and their dependents in the development and support of the following:

  1. Claims assistance for disabilities including initial filings up to and including appeals resolution.
  2. Education application support.
  3. Healthcare Enrollment within the VA Healthcare system.
  4. Transportation assistance for those vets seeking healthcare at the local VA Medical facilities and community based outreach clinics.
  5.  Real Estate Tax deduction/abatement assistance.
  6.  VA pension application support for Vets and widows of Vets.
  7.  VA vocational rehab application process.
  8.  Application processing for General Doyle Cemetery - Arneytown NJ.
  9.  Application assistance for Veteran - wife wishing to reside at any of the 3 State Veterans Memorial Homes based upon their specific medical needs.
  10. Provide Veterans specific events highlighting Veterans' education and support issues.