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Public Works Director

Rich Brevogel
Director of Public Works
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Important info about trash collection.

Dear Resident:

Many questions have arisen during the transition to a new trash contractor this year. The township entered a new three year contract which will cost $839,637 in the first year and will increase each year. In addition, disposal costs range from $968,000 to $1,080,000 depending on the volume of trash collected. Enclosed with this letter are the trash collection regulations for your reference.

Several issues have caused problems relative to the collection process:

  1. Trash cannot be placed in a recycling container (yellow cans or Blue Carts). The trash vendor cannot collect items placed in those containers.
  2. Mattresses and box springs must be bagged. This is for the health of the vendor and township employees. Reuse the packaging from your new mattress and box spring for disposal. Mattress bags can be purchased at local hardware stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. They are also available at Walmart and local U Haul stores.
  3. There is a ten item limit per household.

There have been reports of illegal dumping. Please report any illegal dumping you may witness. This includes contractor debris, mattresses, and general household trash. Reporting it will save the township money because we ultimately must dispose of this material.

In addition, we are encouraging people to recycle as much material as possible to reduce the disposal costs to the municipality. Information regarding recycling is available on the Burlington County Website.

If you have any other questions, please contact the following departments or visit the township website at www.willingboronj.gov

  • Public Works Department 609 877-2200 ext 1051.
  • Inspections Department 609-877-2200 ext 1214


Richard A. Brevogel

Interim Township Manager / Director of Public Works