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Township Clerk

Brenda Bligen
Acting Township Clerk
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P: 609-877-2200 xt:1028
MON-FRI 9:00-5:00

Township Clerk

The Township Clerk is the Secretary to Township Council, and the Township Election Official.

Secretary of the Municipal Corporation:

The Clerk is the custodian of the Township Seal, and The Township Clerk is the official custodian of all the Township's official records.

Secretary to the Governing Body:

The Clerk attends all official meetings the Township Council holds and is responsible for the keeping of the minutes, and maintains the official record of each proceeding meeting.

All ordinances and resolutions are kept by the Township Clerk and are available to the public.

Chief Administrative Officer of all Elections:

The Township Clerk oversees Municipal, School, Primary and General Elections.

Chief Registrar of Voters:

This office registers voters, issues absentee ballot applications, and assist with concerns relating to voter registration.

The Township Clerks Office also provides the following services:

            NE Willingboro LLC Resubmitted Site Plans

            NE Willingboro Zoning Board Application

            ZB Application 2020 2 ( NE Willingboro LLC)

            NE Willingboro Publication   

            NE Willingboro LLC 1

            Landscaping Plan

            Minor Site Plan

            NE Willingboro LLC 4

            NE Willingboro LLC 5

            NE Willingboro LLC (Traffic Analysis)

            NE Willingboro LLC ( Title Insurance)

            CME Professional Review Letter 1

            NE Willingboro Application for Minor Site Plan Approval

            General Reexamination of the Master Plan

Prior to appointment a Municipal Clerk must complete and pass the following pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:9-133 et al., Chapter 174, P.L. 1985,The Municipal Clerks Certification by the State of New Jersey as Registered Municipal Clerk: