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Snow Plowing & Removal

Damage Policy

Residents should note that private driveways and curbs that extend into the roadway that are damaged by snow plowing equipment are not the responsibility of Willingboro Public Works and will not be repaired or replaced by the Township. 

In addition, please be advised that mailboxes, lawn sprinklers, shrubs, walls, landscaping features, etc. located in the public right-of-way that are damaged as a result of plowing equipment clearing and throwing snow from the roadway are not the responsibility of Willingboro Township and shall be repaired or replaced by the property owner.

Plowing Method

When snow is anticipated, crews begin pretreating roads with salt brine and road salt. This pretreatment is important in minimizing snow accumulation and easing plowing efforts. In some cases, with relatively minor snowfalls, pretreatment can help to eliminate the need to plow.

  pdf Click here to download the Snow & Ice Removal Operations Plan. (309 KB)

Once snow begins to accumulate to about 3 inches, snow removal procedures are initiated. The Township is divided into three zones. Each zone has a supervisor that oversees the work of the crews assigned to that zone. Snow plowing priorities are generally as follows:

  • Access for police to vehicles
  • Response to Fire, Police, EMS Emergencies, motor vehicle accidents and all reported medical emergencies

Clearing of Secondary Arterial and Collector Roads

Supervisors then move their crews in a logical fashion within each zone. In some cases smaller streets may be passed by equipment operators in order to prioritize larger streets. They will eventually get to all streets. In all cases, equipment operators must sometimes leave an area suddenly in order to respond to an emergency.

Removal Regulations

To ensure the safety of Willingboro’s school children and pedestrians, the Township has added a snow removal ordinance. The amount of time property owners have to clear snow and ice from sidewalks is 24 hours from the end of the snowfall with enhanced penalties for property owners in school zones who do not clear their sidewalks in a timely fashion.

Further, the amount of time Township business owners or other properties generally open to the public with handicapped parking spaces have to remove snow and ice from the parking spaces, curb cuts and other areas related to the provision of such access has been reduced from 48 to 24 hours.

Failure to comply with the ordinance can result in penalties consisting of fines of up to $2,000,and/or  90 days imprisonment and /or community service. Regulations will be strictly enforced in school zones, and where access is required for disabled individuals under these strengthened regulations.

Enhanced enforcement only allows for issuance of a single warning before citations are imposed. Special liens or assessments may be placed on your property if the Township is required to ensure the public's safety by clearing snow and ice to allow for pedestrian access if not timely addressed by the responsible parties. Learn more about these ordinances by reading the Willingboro Township Code of Ordinances. 

County Roads

Levitt Parkway, Beverly Rancocas Rd., and Sunset Rd. are County Roads maintained by Willingboro Department of Public Works under a Interlocal Service Agreement.