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Rec & Parks Background

Willingboro has a vast array of parks to fit everyone's needs. Here you will find a listing of our parks and a sample of the activities offered in them.

Park Locations:

Baldwin Tot Lot – Buckingham Park

Baldwwn Tot Lot is a five acre park located on Baldwin Lane. The Tot Lot consists of a newly constructed playground area, swing set, picnic area, wooded area and open space area. This park offers a playground for children  to play and socialize with other children in a safe environment.

Broido Park – Twin Hills

Just off of Beverely Rancocas Road tucked away in Twin Hills you will find Brodio Park.  Brodio Park offers walking/bike path, exercise trails,  two playground structures and a great outdoor band shell.  This quiet wooded area is the perfect for an outdoor picnic or is an ideal location for scenic walks observing wildlife.

Country Club Pool – 440 Beverly Rancocas Road

Right on the main thoroughfare you will find the County Club Pool and Courts.  During the hot dog days of summer you can cool off in one of our local pools where you can receive swim lessons or just take a dip and do a few laps.  You also have the option to come out in the evening and join in on one of the one on one basketball games that are held here regularly.

Crystal Lake – Industrial Drive

For those looking to sit back with a fishing pole in the water and relax you will find a great secret.  Crystal Lake, The "Home of Willingboro Trout".  Crystal Lake covers 20 acres and is located at the end of Industrial Drive (off Beverly Rancocas Road) in Willingboro Township. During trout season the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife stock it with trout then come back three more times to restock the lake.  So grab your fishing license and come down to Crystal Lake where you can catch a trout or two or just to talk about the one that got away.  A few of the other amenities are a two mile nature trail around the lake, picnic tables, wooded and open space areas.

Fairmount Park – Fairmount Drive and Forestview Place

Just off Charleston Road in Fairmount Park you will find tons of space, you will find that the one park is divided into two areas. One area offers tennis courts with lights, two handball walls and parking area. The other has a newly constructed state of art the playground. These areas together make up a spectacular place for leisure activities and recreational activities. Fairmount Park boast over fifteen acres of natural open space Fairmount Park offers a playground for the little ones and has 2 lighted Tennis Courts.

Kennedy Center Park - 429 J.F. Kennedy Way

On the grounds of this forty acre park is where you can find the Kennedy Center, home of the Willingboro Recreation Department. Many activities take place on these grounds, such as Community Day, The Relay for Life, D.A.R.E Graduation, the Summer Playgrounds program finale picnic and much more. This park also has a popular track that is visited by hundreds walking their way to better fitness, a baseball field with dugouts and an impressive football field.

Millcreek Park – 300 Beverly Rancocas Road & Pagent Lane

The "Flag Ship" of the Willingboro Park System, Millcreek is named after the creek that flows adjacent to the 180+ acres of wooded and open space land. Millcreek was acquired in 1973 by way of a Green Acres open space preservation grant from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. At that time, Millcreek was considered the largest municipal park in the State of New Jersey and one of the largest in the country.  The Rancocas Creek that flows behind the park provides a very picturesque sight.  Millcreek has been home to many activities such as Fun Day in the Park, the Annual Willingboro Jazz Festival, the Pumpkin Fest, tennis tournaments and much more. Millcreek has two playgrounds, eight lighted tennis courts, four pavilions for picnics, a large sled hill, soccer fields, softball field, a two mile macadam bike path, a  two and one half mile wood chip nature/hiking trail, and a cross-training circuit, and a stocked fishing pond.



On a warm spring or summer evening you can find some of Willingboro's finest athletes playing baseball or softball at any of the following baseball or softball fields.

Harrison Ball-field

Harison Ball-field offers two(2) fields  - Harrison Drive

Kennedy Center

Kennedy Center has 1 ball-field – 429 John F. Kennedy Way

Millcreek Park

Millcreek Park offers a softball field

Pennypacker Field

Pennypacker Field has 1 field - Located at the corner of Pennypacker Drive & Sunset


Sportsman also boast 1 fields - located on Beverly Rancocas Rd.

VanSciver Field

VanSciver Field offers 2 fields